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Audio Notetaker

Transcription Service

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$1.25 per audio minute

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Transcription for Individuals

Individual accounts offer a personal pay-as-you-go service which can be set up online. Once an account is active, users can sign in to upload audio or video files, make payment or collect their transcripts.

Individuals using Audio Notetaker can have their recordings transcribed and then import it directly back into their software. These transcripts are automatically aligned to the right sections of audio.

Alternatively, users can also have recordings transcribed in a standard format for general purposes. These transcripts are produced in a Microsoft Word format.

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Institution Account Mascot

Transcription for Institutions

Institutional accounts are for organisations that require an online account for multiple users. Only the administrators of these accounts can handle billing and assign user privileges.

Users registered by the administrator can sign into their own account, upload their recordings and collect their transcripts.

The administrator can share credits amongst all users or assign credits for each individual user. Payment can also be made using a purchase order for this account.

Users can have their recordings transcribed in either an Audio Notetaker format or standard format.

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Standard Transcript

  • x

    Speaker 1: This is an example of an Audio Notetaker Transcript.
    Speaker 2: But what are those funny symbols below?


    Speaker 1: The symbols above indicate section breaks in your Audio Notetaker file.
    Speaker 2: Oh, so when I create a new section in Audio Notetaker it knows I’ve done that?
    Speaker 1: Yes. Then when the transcript is imported back in to Audio Notetaker, the transcript can align with your sections!


    Speaker 2: I just tried it out! Look!
    Speaker 1: Yeah! Pretty neat, huh?

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Words To Note?

We are a smart, simple and secure online transcription service powered by Way With Words for Sonocent Audio Notetaker users.

How do I get a quote?

Upload your files to see an instant cost calculation or use the calculator on the home page to insert total minutes and get a quote.

How do I use Words To Note?

Register an account on, upload audio files, see the cost and pay for your order. When the work is ready, you can download the transcripts from within your user account.

What if I’m a university user?

The above process still applies, you’ll just have access to credits instead!

How do I upload my files?

Use the Upload Box on to drag and drop or browse for files.

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