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File type not recognised. Please upload an Audio or Video file.


It looks like you are using an incorrect Audio Notetaker file type. Please ensure that you are uploading a ".trsc" file by selecting the "All Audio for Transcription" option.

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FAQ – Institutions

Who is Words To Note?

We are a smart, simple and secure online transcription service powered by Way With Words for Sonocent Audio Notetaker users.

How do we get a quote?

Contact us at for a quotation for your institution.

How do we as an institution use Words To Note?

As the institution administrator, you’ll create a specific institution account. This allows you to add or remove users.

Credits are purchased online within your account or via a purchase order.

How do our users upload their files?

Users navigate to and log in using the details sent to them when an administrator registers them. Then they just drop their files and upload!

What file types do you accept?

We accept most popular Audio and Video file types. Audio Notetaker users can export a special file type (.nby) which produces a transcript format that can be imported back into the application.

All other transcripts are produced in standard transcript format as a Microsoft Word document (.docx).

Will you type the whole file the users upload?

Yes. The full length of the file your users upload to us will be transcribed to the best of our ability.

How will the transcripts look?

Audio Notetaker transcripts will be in a text file with matching the section breaks the user may have defined.

Transcripts for regular audio or video will follow the standard Words To Note format.

Do you type sounds?

Mouth noises, uhms, aahs and sounds on the audio, are not typed or indicated in the transcript.

How are speakers on the recording labelled?

If the audio contains 1 to 3 speakers, these are labelled as SP1, SP2 and SP3 or will be labeled as instructed. If the audio contains 4 or more speakers, these are all labelled as SP.

What if the audio quality is poor?

Our transcribers will try and catch as much of the speech as is possible and will indicate words or phrases they can’t hear with tags such as [inaudible]. The transcript produced will be commensurate with the sound quality.

How much do you charge?

A single standard rate per audio minute is available. Discount Packages are available for purchase in your account.

What payment methods do you accept?

Payment can be made with credit or debit card, PayPal, or with a purchase order (PO).

Will we receive an invoice and proof of payment?

Yes, you will receive this upon payment.

Who processes the users’ work?

We have a professional, dedicated team of transcribers standing by to do their work.

When will the transcripts be ready?

Words To Note aims for an ideal turnaround time of 24 hour for audio or video of 60 minutes or less. Longer jobs or during times of high volumes the date of delivery will be adjusted. The times for these will be shown within your account. Any delays in turnaround will be communicated to users.

How will the users know when their transcripts are ready?

When the transcripts are completed, your users will receive a notification email to collect their transcript.

How are the transcripts imported back into Audio Notetaker?

In Audio Notetaker transcripts can be imported from the Import menu within Audio Notetaker.